From Cardstock to Cupcake Toppers

From Cardstock to Cupcake Toppers

I’ve always been crafty. Making stuff is definitely my happy place. So it shouldn’t have come as a shock that when I bought my cricut machine and a handful of sheets of cardstock that I would end up on a wild and sparkly ride down cupcake topper lane! 

My business started as a cramped little desk stuck in the corner of our dining room with my cricut machine sitting on top of a bookshelf. I remember starting out anytime someone would order cupcake toppers, I would have to run to Michael’s arts and crafts store to get whatever color glitter cardstock I needed to fulfill the order. Sheet by sheet I began to build my amazing handmade decorations business. 

Now, five years later I have over 400 different cupcake topper designs as well as confetti, cake toppers, banners, centerpiece sticks, paper straws and more! Needless to say I found a cardstock vendor and buy in bulk. Although I still take a trip to Michael’s arts and crafts store every now and then! 

So how does the process begin…. Well it starts with the design. I purchase a lot of “cut” files each year to use to make my cupcake toppers and when I cannot find a file that is exactly what I’m looking for, I make it. Purchased files and files I design have to be edited for optimal cutting. I need to make sure that when I go to produce the cupcake toppers, that the cut will be clean. 

Once I have finished the design I do a test cut. I save all of the scrap pieces of glitter cardstock from my orders to do test cuts. If the test cut looks good, I move on to creating a mock up and writing a listing. If the test cut is bad, I have to redesign it and try again. 

Creating a mock up is different depending on the type of cupcake topper. For my single layer glitter toppers I make digital mock ups. I use the file for the topper and place it on a digital image of a cupcake and use editing software to create the glitter effect. For layered cupcake toppers I make 3-4 sample toppers and use my fake cupcakes that I made to take photos of them! The layered toppers look better if they are actually photographed.

Next I write a listing and post the mock up images. From here I wait for a lovely customer to come along and order the cupcake toppers!

When an order is placed, I cut the cupcake toppers and then…. My mom… who has been helping me with my business for years… glues all of the sticks on to the toppers. I then do a quality inspection before they are packed and sent on their way!

Five years ago, I began with a simple idea and a sheet of glitter cardstock. Today, that idea has blossomed into a thriving business with a portfolio of over 400 designs. Each set of cupcake toppers I ship out tells a story, from joyful birthdays and beautiful weddings to festive holidays and everything in between. I love knowing that something I made is a part of someone’s special event! Hopefully making it just that much more special! 

You’ve made it this far…. How about a little coupon for you. I would love the chance to make cupcake toppers for you. Please use coupon code CUPCAKEBLOG to take 15% off your next cupcake topper order! Offer expires 5.31.24

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