Beads, Beads, Beads…. A Look Behind The Scenes At Our Beaded Pens

Beads, Beads, Beads…. A Look Behind The Scenes At Our Beaded Pens

“WHY” you might be asking does a party decorations shop sell beaded ink pens! I know, that even though I’m the one making them, I’ve asked myself that question too. Today, we're diving into the world of crafting beaded pens—a perfect blend of artistry and functionality. And along the way, I’ll also explain why these super cute pens have become a wonderful addition to my small business. 

Our small business is all about creating unique products that bring joy to our customers' lives. I think I’m a craft-aholic! Since I started my business in 2019, I’ve tried so many different avenues of crafting. From paper crafts, to soap making, to TShirt design, to candles and everything in between. Sometimes I’d make the items just because I wanted to and other times I would make them because I intended to sell them. Either way, I love to make stuff.  

I first discovered beaded pens at an outdoor market I had a booth at last August. The booth was a little ways down from mine and I couldn’t help but notice the cute pens. I stared at them all day until I finally asked my husband to watch my booth and walked over to buy one. The pens were so cute. Very simple designs at the booth I went to but I saw amazing potential.

You see while party decorations are my world, I’ve always wanted to also have small giftable items people could buy from my shop as well. This is because around Christmas, shops like mine do not do a lot of business because people buy gifts during the holidays and a lot less party decorations. So I’ve always liked having items available that serve as gifts! And when I saw these pens, I just knew these would be great gifts!

So I dove in! I bought a starter kit on Amazon that came with everything I needed starting out. And then I watched YouTube videos on how to make the pens. I gave a few of my first ones out to friends and family who really seemed to like them! So I decided to get some supplies, make a few, and add them to my shop.

It all starts with the hunt for the perfect beads, scouring markets and online shops for the most inspiring colors, shapes, and textures. Then getting the best prices on all of the bits and pieces to make them. I didn’t want the price to be too high on these but also I have to make a profit otherwise why sell them instead of just giving them away! 

Once I‘be gathered everything I need, the real fun begins: planning out the intricate designs that will grace each pen. From bold patterns to classy motifs, every design is carefully crafted for both beauty and practicality. Sometimes a design works, the colors the patterns they are just so cute together. Other times they just do not.

Then comes the hands-on part: threading each bead onto the pen, creating a stunning masterpiece of colors and textures. All of my pens are glued together with jewelry glue to lessen the likelihood of them falling apart. The first one I gave to my moms when I was learning how to make these fell apart because she twisted the top of the pen thinking that’s how you open it. So adding a little glue helps to prevent that.

It's amazing how a simple writing instrument can be transformed into a work of art. Every time I finish a batch of new pens I love them and cannot wait to photograph them and post them on my website so that others can hopefully love them as much as I do. The struggle to not keep one of every pen is real. 

And yes, I have several that I have kept for myself…. Usually the ones with some kind of imperfection. I use them to write with at work and at home. And yes…. I do sometimes give them as gifts to friends and family! I think they are great gifts for your office, your kids teachers, anyone.. and I try to make sure I have a good variety of styles and options available for you. When you order pens from me… they come individually packaged with an ink refill and include instructions on how refill them! 

I would love for you to give my pens a try! Use coupons code BLOGPEN5 to take 25% off beaded pens! This coupon is a single-use offer and cannot be combined with any other offers except shipping discounts. 

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